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Surprise, it’s a site introduction!

So, I’m Miles, and I’m trying something new.

I love video games. I love the ways in which they tell stories, the issues they confront, the joy they bring to their fans; video games have helped me through tough times in my life, and have helped me keep friends that I would have lost contact with long ago were it not for the social aspect of online games. For community, for culture, for artistic expression, I love video games.

Games have been an important part of my life for almost as long as I remember, but I only stumbled upon games criticism and critical analysis of games in college, just a few years ago. I found a few websites and accompanying podcasts that were completely dedicated to gaming and gaming culture. And this blew my mind. People talking and writing about games in deeply insightful and thought-provoking ways, discussing games and race, politics, and mental health, right alongside the mechanics and narratives that help to confront these issues. I was hooked.

Come the beginning of this year, which happens to be my final year at university, I was no closer deciding the career I want to pursue, or the Thing that I want to do directly after graduation. I’m a decent student, and a half-decent writer, but my interests (academic and otherwise) stretch a great deal farther than any single line of work could contain. One week I want to work for a refugee services nonprofit, the next I want to go into academia. And video games as any sort of career seemed (and still seem) like little more than a pipe dream.

But I was lucky enough to find an internship in the industry a few months ago, working as a social media intern for a successful esports news website; little by little, through starting (and loving) this job and having a number of conversations that helped to sway me, I decided to start this website. To give the idea of being a games critic more than just thought, to try to learn from the writers I admire, to develop my own style, and to express my own viewpoints.


(If you made it through all that self indulgence, congrats and also sorry)


That’s where I’m at now. I’m going to be writing and posting, hopefully around once a week, about the games that I’m playing and my thoughts on them. These pieces will cover a variety of topics and will take a variety of different forms, but I’m hoping to get at some of the components of games that really resonate with people; the ways in which games are evocative, and what it is they evoke.

Honestly, I don’t know how far any of this will get. But it feels really good to take steps towards a dream of mine, and to give it a real shot. If any of this strikes a chord with someone else out in the enigmatic and terrifying internet, that’s fantastic! And if not, I’m genuinely happy to have the chance to write and challenge myself and engage with video games like this.

Thanks for reading! I hope you get something out of what I write.

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