Thanks for visiting Untold Hearths! This is a website/blog I’ve created to be my outlet of creative expression, through which I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts and opinions about video games. I hope to post around every ~week or so, and more often than that if I have the time. Which I probably won’t. But here’s hoping!

A rare photo of me

As for me, my name is Miles and I’m an undergraduate in my fourth and final year of study. Having majored in Religious Studies and Arabic, I haven’t really focused on video games in my years of college, but I’m hoping to integrate some of what I’ve learned in an academic context into my writing here. You can read this post for more of the specifics of why I started Untold Hearths and what I’m hoping to get out of this whole experience.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions about what I write, or want to tell me that I’m wrong, or just want to chat. Enjoy the website!

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